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Aviation Elaborates Inc;

Graduated  from   New Mexico  State  University

Las -Cruses, New Mexico, Class December 1978

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


Aviation Elaborates Inc. ; AEI is associated with professionals that offer a unique depth of experience and breadth of knowledge in all engineering disciplines “Architecture, Mechanical, Civil, Electronic, Electrical, Structural, and Communication”, Program management, and construction and facilities management, Airport Management, Airport Ground Services, Plane and Passengers handling, Into plane Ferules and Airport Maintenance. The company’s employees and professionals are diverse in their services, yet distinctively uniform in work quality, project delivery, and client responsiveness.
They are striving to acquire expertise to become the leader in the field of infrastructure engineering and facilities and to apply innovative service models and advance technologies; Applying technology to its most cost-effective denominator, through the access to project-focused internet sites, the AEI, intranet, and a variety of tools important in providing cost-effective services today.

Aviation Elaborates Inc.; brings a new concept for consulting and management in the technical professions to those who own, invent, construct, manage and use facilities in the built environment. 
Aviation Elaborates Inc.; is committed to a quality assurance plan directly applicable to all of our services, yet flexible enough to be tailored to specific projects.

Aviation Elaborates Inc.; is associated with Fater Kosaran Jonoob Company (F. K. J. CO.) to execute projects in and around the Middle East. AEI is also associated with the office of MGCC architecture and engineering consultant. 



Plane Fuel Truck Parking Shed


Plane Fuel Truck Parking Shed

KAIA AOB facility Modification

Security Fence

KAIA AOB Facility Modification

Our Objective


The objective of our company AEI is to grant maximum work quality of all the projects and full satisfaction to the project owners that trust us to serve them, and to submit complete assertion of the services that we provide.  Aviation Elaborates Inc. strives perfection and has now just branched off in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where we can now provide professional assistance and complete services in the Middle East. Especially construction and Management of projects of Airports and Cities in the field of Architectural, civil, Structural, Electrical , Electronics, Communication and Mechanical engineering.AEI is focused on delivering the best of professional services attainable in today's marketplace. The company will provide services in the area of public safety; transportation including rail transit, railroads, and highways and bridges; commercial and industrial architecture; public and government facilities, recreational resorts; energy programs; water and wastewater facilities  providing a strong spectrum of the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

New Design Of Ground Support Equipment Maintenance Facility at KAIA
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To treat each client special and make them feel like the only client.
  • To  promote an inclusive workplace and help develop and serve the community.

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    Financia & Administrative Officer
    Aviation Elaborates Inc;




    USA Office And Jeddah Branch


    Office Manager In NY
    Aviation Elaborates inc;



    Graduated From Farmingdale State University Of New York, Farmingdale , New York          


    General Manager
    Aviation Elaborates Inc;

    Graduated  from  New Mexico  State  Universityg

    Las - Cruses, New Mexico, Class December 2011

    Bachelor   of    Science   in   Civil    Engineering



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Engineering: New mexico state university